Is a Robot Vacuum Good Enough to Replace a Hardwood Vacuum?


Hardwood Robot VacuumIf you are looking at evidence of technology producing a conundrum, then look no further than the robot vacuum.

Perhaps there is no device that continues to spark debate and divide opinion as this one.

For some, it’s an unnecessary indulgence while others will swear they cannot do without it.

It’s a topic that has fascinated me many times over too, and here we will explore this question together and hopefully settle the matter once and for all

How Good is a Robot Vacuum?

Most robot vacuums that are in the market live up to their expectations: they will do a decent cleaning job without human supervision. So you don’t have to sit around or work with it, you can continue with your other chores as the bot works for you.

It is this aspect that excites me most about robot vacuums. I love watching it navigate obstacles around the house, much to my amusement. This is because it has sensors underneath that enable it to communicate with the surroundings.

And if that’s not enough make you take the leap, the more advanced ones have more features that make them more autonomous in their work. You can schedule them to clean at set times, so that when you return with your visitors your hardwood floor is spic and span.

The auto-docking feature of robot vacuums enables them to return to their bases after cleaning up, or to recharge when their batteries run low. This means that you can leave them completely alone and mind your other businesses, literally. These are just a few of the great benefits that you get by using an automated vacuum

Cleaning Capability

So what is their cleaning ability compared to the hardwood vacuums?

I am sure this is probably what you want to read most! Make no mistake, the robot vacuum is not a dud. It is fairly good at cleaning hardwood floors. I can also bet that the word ‘fairly’ has not escaped your attention too.

The truth is that even the best robot vacuums simply do not have the suction power to compete with any of the top rated canister vacuums available today.

While they will leave your carpet looking good, they will not give you the deep-cleaning that you may be looking for.

Most of them will return to their dock-stations after some ‘hard work’, even when the carpet still has some considerable dirt. This is the point usually feel like shouting a few expletives to tell the robot to ‘return to work’.

The biggest issue that I have with robot vacuums is their defectiveness when the floor has much debris. If your house is a mare’s nest and your floor is full of pets, furniture and other items, then it may be wise to lower your expectations. Your robot may end up spending more time navigating around than doing the actual cleaning.


Here are some of the glaring limitations:

  • They will not work if your floor is elevated or has a slope
  • Most of the sensors will not recognize dark or black surfaces
  • hey are not effective at climbing or descending stairs.


Robot vacuums are best used in conjunction with the hardwood vacuum.

If you ask me, I’d say that they should be used for maintenance cleaning, whereby you do a deep, thorough cleaning once a month with a more powerful vacuum like the Miele S8590.

After that, have your robot take over to keep it clean until your next session. This way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.