How to Naturally Treat White Patches Caused by Vitiligo

Taking good care of your skin can be enough work already, but for those with vitiligo, skin care can become more complicated. Vitiligo is a skin condition caused by the death or loss of function of melanocytes, the type of skin cells that produce melanin. Melanin is responsible for giving colour to our skin. When melanin is no longer present in the skin, we end up white patches, and the characteristic appearance of vitiligo. While not life-threatening by itself, the loss of melanin in vitiligo can increase the absorption of UV rays, and make someone more at risk for sunburn and skin cancers.

There are many reasons why a person might develop vitiligo. Possible causes include exposure to UV rays, contact of certain chemicals with the skin, and stress. Researchers don’t completely understand why melanocytes sometimes die or stop working, but they do know that genetics can play a role. Your risk of developing melanin go up if you have a blood relative with vitiligo, or an autoimmune condition.

Unfortunately, vitiligo does not have a permanent cure. However, there are vitiligo treatments available that can reduce the size and appearance of vitiligo spots on your body. If you’re looking to avoid side effects from corticosteroid creams, such as streaking and thinning of the skin. there are a few alternatives from natural medicine. Some treatments may be more effective for one person’s vitiligo than another’s, so it’s important to talk with your health care professionals and try different treatments if you haven’t found the right one.

Your doctor, naturopath, or other health practitioner may be able to provide:

  • A form of vitamin D, sometimes called calcipotriene, applied topically to affected areas
  • Light therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B-12 and B9- Copper

There are also herbal medicines to use at home. Remember to consult with your practitioner or pharmacist to avoid herbs that may interact with medicine you are already taking, or that may worsen other conditions that you have.
Some supplements to try:

  • Ginko biloba
  • Vitiligo Organics™ or other prepared treatment
  • Radish seeds, ground and soaked overnight in water. Apply to affected areas and allow to dry before removing.
  • Leadwort root, made into a paste and applied to affected areas

No matter which treatment you decide to try, you should also be protecting your skin from further damage using an effective sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. You may also find that covering affected areas from the sun can also help.

When you are first diagnosed with vitiligo, you may be tested for other autoimmune conditions. One way that melanocytes can get destroyed is by your body’s immune cells, so there may be other autoimmune activity elsewhere in your body. It’s important to make sure you take care of the rest of your body before you start to treat the appearance of white patches. It’s also important to have emotional support from those around you; studies have shown that emotional support is necessary for a stress-free and easy recovery.

With the right treatment and lifestyle, vitiligo can be a manageable condition, with little effect on your daily life.

How to Deal with Surface Scratches on a Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor can be a joy to behold but scratches can mar its beauty. Dealing with scratches depend on how deep the scratches go and whether your hardwood flooring has a protective coating or not. You do not need complicated procedures and hard to find materials to deal with the damage to the floor. Here are some tips from Hardwood Champ to help you manage scratches on your hardwood.

Surface Scratch on Wood FloorAssessing The Damage

The first thing you have to do is to assess the damage to the floor.

How deep do the scratches go, the direction, and the extent of the coverage of the damage are factors that you have to consider before you go out to get materials for dealing with your damaged floor.

Materials Needed for Surface Scratches

  1. soft cloth (for fine scratches that damaged the coating only)
  2. fine-grade sandpaper (for bigger scratches that went down to the actual wood)
  3. mineral spirits or hardwood floor cleaner
  4. coating or finishing (such as shellac, polyurethane, sealant, whichever was initially used on your floor)
  5. a couple of dry rags
  6. cotton buds (optional)
  7. small paint brush (optional)
  8. wood stain (optional)
  9. wax stick (optional)

DIY Hardwood Floor Repair

The first step is to clean the area with the scratch. To clean, get one of the rags and dampen it with water or wood floor cleaner. Rub the area of the scratch gently but firmly. In most cases, it is only the protective coating that is damaged.

If the scratch clears up, leave it to dry thoroughly before sealing it with protective coating. You might need to use the cotton buds to apply the sealant if the area is very small. Use the small paint brush to apply the coating if the area is larger.

If the scratch is still very visible (it may have damaged the actual wood, not just the coating!), you need to use the fine grain sandpaper. Rub the sand paper softly on the scratch and a little bit of the surrounding area to remove the vestiges of the damage and the coating. DO NOT rub too much or you will make the damage bigger.

Once you are satisfied with the disappearance of the blemish, wipe the area clean with mineral spirits or hardwood cleaner. Let the area dry fully before trying to repair it. You need to use the wax stick on the blemish if the floor retained some of the deeper scratches. Fill in the fine gouges with the wax and smoothen well.

If your wood floor is stained or painted, you need to apply the right color stain before sealing the repaired area. It is important to match the color or stain of your floor because the repaired area will stand out if the stain is a different color. Let the stain dry thoroughly before applying the sealant.

When the damaged area is fully dry, apply the protective coating carefully with the paint brush. Dip the brush into the coating container and wipe the brush on the brim of the container to remove excess sealant. Applying too much sealant can cause an uneven appearance on your floor. Let it dry well.

Preventing Scratches

The ease of repairing surface scratches on your hardwood floor does not mean that you should take it for granted. Preventing scratches is the best way of maintaining your beautiful flooring for years to come.

Is a Robot Vacuum Good Enough to Replace a Hardwood Vacuum?


Hardwood Robot VacuumIf you are looking at evidence of technology producing a conundrum, then look no further than the robot vacuum.

Perhaps there is no device that continues to spark debate and divide opinion as this one.

For some, it’s an unnecessary indulgence while others will swear they cannot do without it.

It’s a topic that has fascinated me many times over too, and here we will explore this question together and hopefully settle the matter once and for all

How Good is a Robot Vacuum?

Most robot vacuums that are in the market live up to their expectations: they will do a decent cleaning job without human supervision. So you don’t have to sit around or work with it, you can continue with your other chores as the bot works for you.

It is this aspect that excites me most about robot vacuums. I love watching it navigate obstacles around the house, much to my amusement. This is because it has sensors underneath that enable it to communicate with the surroundings.

And if that’s not enough make you take the leap, the more advanced ones have more features that make them more autonomous in their work. You can schedule them to clean at set times, so that when you return with your visitors your hardwood floor is spic and span.

The auto-docking feature of robot vacuums enables them to return to their bases after cleaning up, or to recharge when their batteries run low. This means that you can leave them completely alone and mind your other businesses, literally. These are just a few of the great benefits that you get by using an automated vacuum

Cleaning Capability

So what is their cleaning ability compared to the hardwood vacuums?

I am sure this is probably what you want to read most! Make no mistake, the robot vacuum is not a dud. It is fairly good at cleaning hardwood floors. I can also bet that the word ‘fairly’ has not escaped your attention too.

The truth is that even the best robot vacuums simply do not have the suction power to compete with any of the top rated canister vacuums available today.

While they will leave your carpet looking good, they will not give you the deep-cleaning that you may be looking for.

Most of them will return to their dock-stations after some ‘hard work’, even when the carpet still has some considerable dirt. This is the point usually feel like shouting a few expletives to tell the robot to ‘return to work’.

The biggest issue that I have with robot vacuums is their defectiveness when the floor has much debris. If your house is a mare’s nest and your floor is full of pets, furniture and other items, then it may be wise to lower your expectations. Your robot may end up spending more time navigating around than doing the actual cleaning.


Here are some of the glaring limitations:

  • They will not work if your floor is elevated or has a slope
  • Most of the sensors will not recognize dark or black surfaces
  • hey are not effective at climbing or descending stairs.


Robot vacuums are best used in conjunction with the hardwood vacuum.

If you ask me, I’d say that they should be used for maintenance cleaning, whereby you do a deep, thorough cleaning once a month with a more powerful vacuum like the Miele S8590.

After that, have your robot take over to keep it clean until your next session. This way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Helping You Make The Right Purchasing Decision

What do I look for, where do I start? These might just be the questions overwhelming your mind right now. In a market filled with a chain of vacuum cleaners to choose from, it would only be natural for you to be confused.

Generally, no one fancies parting with their paycheck without value-consideration for it. That is basically what might be your concern in getting the right vacuum cleaner. A lot can be said in regard to different brands but what ultimately stands is whether your cleaning needs will be met.

Top Rated Vacuum CleanerWord on The Street

A small market survey has helped gather some information on what vacuum users consider as best. This has been outlined in form of various things most users pay much attention to:

1. Type

This could be in terms of posture e.g. upright vs canister. It could also mean either a stick vacuum cleaner or a top rated hand vacuum. And if you go further down, it can also mean the difference between corded and cordless. All these are dependent on the purpose a user wants it for.

2. Best selling and highly rated vacuum cleaners on Amazon

It is of great importance to come into terms with what the market looks like. Most people will tend to go for products that receive greater purchase streams or higher market rating. Such is attributed to the fact that the product may be of good quality and very affordable.

3. Identifying yourself with the rating

While it is important to make a general overview of how the vacuums fair as a whole in the market, it also wise to know the particular ranking of the vacuums in the category you are interested in.

Dealing With Customer Reviews

Experience is the best teacher but even the more when you are pegging it on another person’s experience. In a market filled with various brands of vacuums, it would only make you bankrupt as you go about testing every vacuum cleaner to identify what could work for you.

How about you skip the experimental phase and work with what the market has testified in regard to various brands. This however should be handled with caution as every customer holds their independent opinion. Here are a few tips to help you make a wise purchase:

1. Spend Wisely

While you may think expensive is quality, this might not be the case at all times. The price tag should only guide you towards paying a closer look at the device. A high priced vacuum cleaner will only make sense if it has: a powerful motor capability, multiple functions and a powerful suction ability.

2. Be careful with the accessories

Be sure that you understand everything that is packaged with the product. Some vacuum cleaners come with extra attachments which are essential for it to work. Understanding the condition of every accessory will be important to avoid any malfunctions when you get the device started.

3. Power consumption

Most people have the perception that devices that consume high amount of power or voltage are better placed in functionality than others. The reality is that, some of the high amped vacuum cleaners may be very unfulfilling when it comes to your cleaning needs.

A quality vacuum cleaner should consume just enough power to get it running. Expert help may come in handy during the purchase process if you are not proper versed with this particulars.

Going For it

The final process in all this will be to go for the purchase. This will not be very tricky with all these information in mind. Generally, Amazon has plenty of high rated vacuum cleaners out there for you to choose from.

As you go about making the purchase, ensure that before you pay the bill, you get convinced that what you are buying will last. This could mean getting a worthwhile warranty. All said and done, it is your call to get that which will serve you.


Best Smoothie For Weight Loss

The Low Down and Skinny on Weight Loss Smoothies

Weight Loss SmoothieLike any and all professional medical experts suggest, you should always get an educated opinion from a doctor before planning your weight loss regimen. It is vital to your overall well being to be in the “know” about what type of plan best suits your specific dietary needs.

These are just some researched ideas I have about different recipes and ingredients that feature particular benefits. I am only offering advice based on helpful information that I have investigated.

The Detox Smoothie for Losing Inches

Nutritionists provide excellent information about ways to remove unsafe toxins without taking pills. Going green is the preferred method for your smoothie recipe. Some key ingredients that make it work really well make it possible. Beginners really want to take a softer approach by replacing only one meal and one snack with this plan.

  • Green smoothies are the best choice. Kale, spinach, collards, romaine, celery are great options. They make the transition smooth and simple. Cilantro and parsley also add a nice gourmet flavor.
  • Apples, pears, lemons and oranges are budget friendly and helpful. Turmeric, cayenne, and flax seed oil also boosts the process.
  • Detox is done in phases. You will want to start slowly. Some even only do it about three days a week and then go to a daily routine. You will feel your body adapting and you will be able to consume more super greens after a couple of weeks.
  • Some signs that you are ready are: Predictable bowel movements, change in mood and energy, and changes in complexion. Again, having a doctor monitor your progress is strongly suggested.

The Low-Calorie Smoothie For Meal Replacement

Low Calorie SmoothieIt is true that many are applauding the effectiveness of using smoothies to help them get rid of unwanted pounds. They are raving that they no longer feel hungry like typical calorie counting diets can. It is just like eating a meal. When you finish a low calorie smoothie you have consumed enough to satisfy your hunger. The trick to making it work is letting it help you reduce cravings.

You want to avoid your favorite snack section at the food market. Your initiative is to stay focused and in the right department. Look for some of these wonderful options to buy for your smoothie diet adventure.

  • Bananas help to eliminate sugar and starch cravings. This potassium giant is great for overcoming the sweet attack. Combine this with tropical fruits and some cayenne for additional smoothie benefits.
  • Mango. It is full of enzymes that target fatty cells and eliminate junk food baggage. It also tastes fabulous!
  • Find the perfect meal replacement powder. Look at the label to determine the best choice. They need to be low in sugars and fat content. Some can be mixed with water or skim milk for the perfect ingredient.
  • Fiber rich sources come in powders that can be mixed in, or you can find it in nuts and seeds. Put these in the blender.
  • Green Tea is a great addition to your low- calorie smoothie plan. You can read tons on the benefits of it online.

Don’t forget to find the perfect smoothie blender to help you with your weight loss goals. You will be glad you tried it!

Where to Find the Best Hardwood Tips Online

Hardwood FloorHardwood floors are a classic accent to any room. There’s a certain elegance and style that comes with a well-maintained and cleaned hardwood floor.

Keeping your floor in good condition ensures that your room will have that high-quality, classic look for years to come.

Here are some places online you can check out to find information that will help you keep your floor beautiful and well-maintained.

1. eHow

If you want your floor to keep its quality for the long haul, a daily cleaning routine is a must. This eHow article provides excellent quick and easy advice on the less-intensive daily cleaning and maintenance tips that will ensure you get the most out of your floor and maintain the benefits of the more intensive but less-frequent cleaning and maintenance longer.

2. Wikihow

Provides an excellent overview of what to do and not to do, a section on minor repairs, and a very good video explaining the proper methods and products for the more in-depth cleaning that is done less frequently than the standard sweeping/vacuuming that should be done at least once per week.

3. Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in the United States. Their website has near limitless information on proper hardwood floor maintenance, and even allows you to specify the type of floor to zero in on the maintenance tips best suited for your floor. This link provides an overview of the vacuum cleaner types you’d use, but this site is pretty comprehensive.

4. Homestadna

Homestadna provides, as the name implies, an extremely comprehensive and complete informational website on all things related to hardwood floor cleaning. This link will take you to their section on routine maintenance, but they also have general information articles and advice on finding professionals for every aspect of service, repair and installation.

5. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a leading distributor in all things related to home repair and maintenance. Not surprisingly, they have an excellent page on cleaning and maintaining your hardwood. They even include daily, weekly and quarterly maintenance and cleaning tips to help you schedule your overall maintenance plan. As with all of Lowe’s pages, they also provide an answer to why it is they recommend given steps.


There are a few things you will find recurrent in all of these links, as well as any other links you could find:

  1. Keep it Clean! Keeping it clean not only makes it look better, it makes it last longer. Dirt, dust and other particles, if left unattended, will slowly grind away at the finish and erode it, causing all kinds of problems.
  2. Know Your Floor! Knowing the type of floor and finish you have is essential. Using the wrong cleaning products for your finish can result in disaster. Ask the manufacturer or an expert if you’re not sure. Otherwise, it’s always best to test any new products on less-visible areas.
  3. Let it Age Evenly! Moving rugs and furniture around from time to time ensures the floor will age evenly, which will ensure it always looks its best. UV rays affect the overall look of the floor, so you want to expose it all evenly to avoid patches.

Fad Diets Cause Female Hair Loss

If you have been dieting you can expect to lose your hair. This is especially true if the diet is not well-rounded nutritionally or if it is based on food deprivation. If you are smoking or under a lot of stress while dieting you can expect some hair loss as well.

The bottom line is that your hair is an indicator of your overall health. If it thins or starts to fall out, then you can conclude you are not getting enough nutrition from your diet.

How Dieting Affects Your Hair

The problem is that many women engage in crash diets that do not include the minerals or vitamins needed for hair growth. Hair can become dry, dull and even fall out.

If you are not eating enough calories a day then your body will interpret the lack of food as a cue to let your hair fall out and send nutrients to more vital parts of the body. Your body will see your physical self as being in a state of famine. The hair follicles and the hair are low on your survival priority list and the hair just falls out.

Quick weight loss diets can also trigger metabolism changes that affect the rate of hair growth. To minimize hair loss doctors recommend weight loss programs are reduced calorie diets that promote gradual weight loss and that include items from all the food groups.

Diet plans low in protein and iron, such as vegetarian diets and zero and low-fat diets, often cause deficiencies that can cause the hair loss. However, high-protein diets like the Miami Beach and Atkins diet that initially discourage fruits and vegetables can also result in hair loss.

If You Must Diet Make Sure You Are Nourished

Losing your hair is quite a high price to pay just to stay thin. Stay away from diets that lack vitamins or minerals that are needed for the health of your hair. Your hair can be dull or split or break if you are not eating one that is rich in vegetables, fruit, protein and whole grains. The trouble with fad diets is that you can go without an entire food group for days.

If you diet make sure you are getting Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Iron, Copper and Manganese through what you eat or through a supplement.

Many people also forget to stay properly hydrated while on a diet. You must drink between six to eight glasses of water a day to look great.

Typically the person who is most at risk for hair loss is the one that loses twenty pounds in a relatively short time. Losing the weight at a little bit more of a slower rate is advised.